Dan Lok Net Worth (2020)

Dan Lok Net Worth (2020)

Dan Lok Net Worth: Dan Lok started working and contributing for his mother and him when he was only 16 years old. His path wasn’t easy. Before he made his first success he had 13 employments that failed. He made his first million in 2008 when he was 27 years old. Only 3 years later he became a multi-millionaire.

Dan Lok has numerous sources of income. He runs lots of different communities, he works as a consultant ($10k per hour), he published 15 books, he is a very popular and expensive speaker, and he sells developments. His YouTube channel has essentially 1.5 million subscribers and more than 77 million views on his videos.

 Dan Lok Net Worth (2020)

Dan Lok Net Worth Forbes

I’m pretty sure he is a fake ass guru. A lying, fake it till you make it internet marketer, who is presumably making lots of money from the sheep that gets tricked by his videos and social mechanisms posts into buying his overpriced, over the phone, $2500 webinar.

For pattern, take this youtube video where he tour his probably $15 million dollar penthouse. He probably rented it for all I know. If you do your due diligence, using information in the video, you will find that this accommodation is in the Three Harbour Green Tower at 277 Thurlow Street, Vancouver, Canada. If you search online for pictures and video of the penthouse, you’ll find that it is much bigger than the residence shown in his video and with ceilings at least twice as high.

He is most certainly not filming in the penthouse because his accommodation is too small and the plaster is too low to be the penthouse. This is common sense, if that was the penthouse in his video, it is a pretty pathetic penthouse.

I like how he doubles down against the end of the video and says “…but anyway this is the very same penthouse that Mel Gibson, Liam Neeson, Chow Yun-fat and also Chris Hemsworth, [inaudible] from Marvel have stayed in and now it’s my home.”

Dan Lok Net Worth Wiki

 Dan Lok Net Worth Wiki

Dan Lok (born November 24, 1981) is a Chinese-Canadian Entrepreneur, Mentor, Author, Business Trainer, Copywriter, Motivational Speechmaker, Marketer, Businessman, Youtuber, Consultant and social media sensation from Vancouver, Canada. He is self-made millionaire employment Tycoon which is famous for his inspirational videos, books and other subject matters.

The 37-years-old Business Coach has also written 15 books. The name of his debut book is “Creativity Sucks!: How to Generate Million Dollar Ideas in 60 Seconds or Less!” which is disclosed on 1 May 2006. In extension, his Charm Junction Company is awarded as the best online retailer of the year presentation by Canada Post.

In the early days of his experienced career, he has failed in his first 14 employments. But, he has tasted the prosperity after launching his one-man advertisement agency. Later, he has founded many ventures like Quick Turn Marketing, Charm Junction Jewelry, and Empress Group.

He is considered one of the most extravagant speakers in the industry. According to his official website “danlok.com”, he charges $10K US dollars per hour to speak and consult people. In addition, you can also approach him via call at the rate of $166.67 US Dollars per minute.

Full Birth Name Dan Lok.
Nick name The King of High-Ticket Sales.
Profession Mentor, Businessman, Author, Entrepreneur, Business Trainer, Copywriter, Motivational Speaker & Youtuber.
Career Timeline 1. Founder of Quick Turn Marketing International, Ltd. (from September 2003 to Present).
2. Co-founder of Charm Junction Jewelry at Vancouver (from April 2008 to Present).
3. Founder of Emperor Group, British Columbia (from January 2008 to Present).
4. Founder of Inner Circle (from July 2014 to Present).
5. The host of Shoulders of Titans Show (from July 2015 to Present).
6. Founder & CEO of The High Ticket Closer™ Certificate Program (from September 2017 to Present).
Age (As of 2018) 37 years old
Date of Birth (DOB), Birthday November 24, 1981.
Birthplace/Hometown Hong Kong, China.
Nationality Chinese-Canadian.
Citizenship Canada.
Books 1. The Art of War for the New Millennium (2006).
2. Creativity Sucks! (2006).
3. F.U. Money (2009).
4. Lies Salon Owners Believe (2011).
5. Secrets of Canadian Top Performers (2014).
6. The Midas Touch (2015).
7. Sold (2015).
8. Million Dollar Agents (2017).
9. Influence (2017).
Signature Dan Lok Signature
Star Sign (Zodiac Sign) Sagittarius.
Ethnicity White Asian Chinese Descent.
Religion Bhudhism.
Current Residence Vancouver, Canada.
Awards Canada Post awarded his Charm Junction Company “The best online retailer of the year award”.
Famous For His motivational and Business growth videos over his self-titled Youtube channel (939K+ Subscribers).

Dan Lok Net Worth 2017

The apartment that he’s in (no idea who owns it) is indeed at 277 Thurlow. The ceilings appear to be 11-feet tall, which means it’s near the top of the tower (aka ‘sub-penthouse). It’s certainly not the very top penthouse, that apartment is much grander as you’ve noted.

$15-mill might be an over-estimation, if you believe the values in BC Assessment. Apartment 3002, which is the highest non-full floor unit in the building that faces towards Canada Place as seen in the video, is assessed at $11.843 million. Suite 3101, which is an entire floor, is assessed at $32.256-million (wowsas).

dudes a clown. selling people the dream using generic internet marketing tactics. anyone who lives in a penthouse is not gonna use it as their office to take meetings. you have an office for that. that video posted is so cringe. his stupid picture of batman ,bruce lee, and iron man like it inspires him.. then he stands looking at the view of coal harbour claiming he stands their thinking? OKAY thats a view that thousands of people who lives in vancouver get. trying to be so deep.

talking about working at pan pacific not affording tea. then when he made money he could buy tea n how he worked at “that restaurant”.. typical bullshit.

What Is Dan Lok Net Worth

Lok began mowing lawns, delivering papers, and doing anything that had a remote possibility of making money. After high school, he enrolled at Douglas College in Vancouver. He attended full-time business classes while cycling through one failed entrepreneurial idea after another — from vending machines to delivery services and day trading.

Lok maxed out several credit cards and borrowed from everyone he knew. “No one understood why I didn’t just get a job,” he says. “But I knew that I could never repay my debts and provide for my family by working for the minimum wage. I knew I would be better off as an entrepreneur, even if it took a decade. I never gave up because I couldn’t afford to quit — and if you don’t quit, then you can’t fail.”

Dan Lok Net Worth 2018

The couple first met when Jennie was 21 and Dan was 26 years old. Back then Jennie Li was working at a karaoke place and they are together since then, for more than 10 years already.

So it is interesting to note that Dan Lok made his first million only one year after he met his soul mate. Even now Jenni helps Dan a lot in business. She is not only his wife, but also a business partner and his best friend.

They also have a YouTube series called “Alpha Man Smart Woman” in which they discuss the importance of having a healthy relationship or marriage in order to be able to run a successful business.

How did Dan Lok make his money?

Dan Lok has multiple sources of income. He runs lots of different companies, he works as a consultant ($10k per hour), he published 15 books, he is a very popular and expensive speaker, and he sells courses. His YouTube channel has almost 1.5 million subscribers and more than 77 million views on his videos.

What business does Dan Lok do?

Dan Lok is a Chinese-Canadian business magnate and global educator best known for being the founder and chairman of Closers.com – the world’s #1 SaaS platform which connects companies to closers.

Who is Dan Lok Wiki?

Dan Lok (born on November 24, 1981) is a Chinese-Canadian business magnate, international best-selling author, investor, and the founder or partner of 15 companies. These companies are in the digital marketing, luxury goods, and education industries.