How to Get the Perfect Baby Photo

If there’s one thing we know about the millennial generation, it’s that they love to photograph everything. So it’s no surprise that they’re springing for professional photos of their newborns.

Whether they’re lolling in clouds or napping in handmade dreamcatchers, the beauty of baby photos is undeniable. But it’s also clear that capturing the best possible images requires plenty of experience and forethought. From newborn shoots to cake smash sessions for the big 1-year-old birthday, this booming industry demands lots of props, outfits and gear.

But a photographer’s most important tool is their own eye. And that’s especially true for newborn photos, which are known for their soft, dreamlike quality. In order to create this kind of image, photographers use wide apertures that give their shots a shallow depth of field.

That means that it’s hard to see a baby’s entire face in the photo without zooming in. So the photographer must have a good understanding of how to light a scene so that the child’s face is properly exposed.

A good place to start is to find a spot with natural light, whether it’s coming through a window or an outdoor setting. It’s the most flattering way to capture a baby’s complexion. It’s also important to remove hats, glasses, or anything that might obscure the infant’s face. This is particularly crucial for newborns, who must be photographed in a certain way for passport photos.

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