360 Printed Socks

Printed socks are a perfect way to show off a person’s personality and style. They are also great for brands looking to promote their identity and create a cohesive brand image.

A potential customer strolls into your store and fixes her gaze on the socks section. Her eyes quickly roam over the collection, looking at all of the different patterns and designs. Her eyebrows furrow as she isn’t sure which pair of socks to choose.

Then she sees the label “360 printed”, which makes her a little more confident in choosing this particular pair. She looks at the size, cuff type and fabrication method before placing her order.

360 printed means the sock is printed all over, including the cuff and footbed. This is the most advanced sock printing technology available, allowing for incredible details and minimal seam visibility. The process involves a sublimation printer, heat transfer sublimation paper and sock jigs to help keep the socks flat during the heating process.

The sock is then printed with specialized dye and heated, causing the ink to be absorbed by the fabric and become part of it. This process produces higher-quality, longer-lasting images that are less prone to small flecks of white (a common issue with traditional textile printing). It’s also suitable for more complex patterns, as the ink doesn’t have to be dyed, but rather printed on top of a pre-existing fabric. The result is a bright and vibrant print that can stand up to the repeated wear and tear that socks go through. 360 printed socks

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