5 Washer Repairs You Can Do Yourself

Sometimes your washer breaks and the problem is obvious—you need to replace a part or have it repaired by an appliance repair service. But other times the issue isn’t so clear and attempting to fix it yourself might worsen or even damage your machine. This article discusses which washer repairs you can do yourself, when to call for professional help and when you might need to buy a new washer or dryer.

1. Washer Won’t Start
If your washer won’t start, check the power. If the breaker tripped or your washer overheated, you’ll need to contact a technician.

2. Loud Washer
A loud washer may be shaking or vibrating when it’s spinning, especially if the load is too large. If this is the case, check your load size and try rebalancing it. Alternatively, your washer could be shaking because the suspension rods are disconnected. To fix this, you’ll need to have a technician replace the rods.

3. Water Isn’t Flowing
If water doesn’t flow from your washer when you run a cycle, the water valve or hose is likely obstructed. You can unblock the hose by turning off the water valve and disconnecting the end from the faucet. Then, connect the hose to a bucket or hose bibb outdoors and turn on the water. If the flow is good, the water valve and hose are likely fine.

If the lint trap is clean and you’re getting a flow of water through your washing machine, the issue may be something as simple as a bad thermistor. However, you’ll want to consult a qualified expert because this isn’t a DIY fix and it requires the use of tools and specialized parts reserved for authorized distributors. washer repair

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