Best Travel Blogs

The Best travel blogs are those that captivate readers with their gorgeous photography and evocative storytelling, transporting them to exotic locales and thrilling adventures. These blogs use a harmonious symphony of techniques to enchant their audience, including storytelling that draws on personal experiences and anecdotes, captivating imagery, and useful tips.

One of the most popular travel blogs online, Delicious Baby is the journal of a family of four who put their suburban lives on hold to travel the world with their young kids in tow. From advice on family road trips to tips on world schooling and volunteering, this blog offers a wealth of resources for families who want to see the world while bringing up their children in a way that makes them proud.

Another of the best travel blogs to follow, This Adventure Life is a go-to resource for solo travelers. This award-winning travel blog features a unique blend of adventure stories and travel tips, with a focus on health and wellness. The blog also explores topics like turning a passion for traveling into a career, and is particularly useful for women traveling alone.

What sets this travel blog apart from others is its focus on adventurous and adrenaline-pumping activities. This blog is filled with inspiring outdoor adventures, from trekking through remote landscapes to exploring the world’s most natural wonders. In addition to sharing incredible travel photos and video, this site also offers helpful tools for modern explorers, from a detailed bucket list planner to a comprehensive directory of off-beat hiking trails.

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