Breast Milk Leak Catcher

As any breastfeeding mum will tell you, breast milk is liquid gold and it’s so frustrating when a drop of it ends up on your clothes or on the floor. A breast milk leak catcher is a nifty little device that slips inside your bra and collects your let-down and leaking milk. It’s a great alternative to reusable pads and even though it utilises suction, it doesn’t actively draw out your milk like a pump would, so it’s not really a replacement for a full-blown pump.

Most breastfeeding leak catchers (like the popular Haakaa Silicone Milk Collector) work by applying suction to the nipple while you breastfeed or pump. While this is effective for many mums, some find that it removes more than the natural let-down of their breast and can affect milk supply. Alternatively, some breast leak catchers apply no suction and simply sit in your bra to catch your leaking milk. They are comfortable, easy to clean and very discreet.

To use the kindestCup, place it into your bra, centering it around your nipple and areola and then compress the cup to create suction. It can then be used to collect breast milk while you are nursing or pumping on the opposite breast, during natural let down and between feeds. The stopper can then be opened to pour the milk into storage bags or bottles. This can be done while you’re wearing the kindestCup or after it’s been left to rest overnight (please note that CDC recommends keeping collected breast milk at room temperature for no longer than four hours). The milk is also easy to rinse and dry, making it hygienic and more environmentally-friendly than disposable breast pads. breast milk leak catcher

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