Buchhaltung – Keeping Track of Your Finances

Buchhaltung is an open source, Haskell-based tool for keeping track of your finances. It provides a complete set of tools that help you create a ledger of all your bank and savings accounts’, credit cards’, and other transactions.

Automatic import and deduplication (from CSV/FinTS/HBCI/OFX), Bayesian account matching, and efficient manual entry of ledger transactions.

The buchhaltung command-line interface is able to query the ledger, create balance and report statements, and create web interfaces. It also supports a variety of derivatives, including the HBCI and OFX DirectConnect methods.

Currently, buchhaltung is running on Linux but should also run wherever GHC runs. It should transparently support any method offered by AqBanking.

It should also support any supported CSV source for raw transaction data, such as the HBCI PinTan method, with a comment field. This makes it easy to generate selfcontained transactions without the need for a separate database or log.

You can also use -w to add and activate users with their own ledgers, or -d to enter a transaction where postings belong to different users. The resulting transaction will contain a posting for each user, and an offsetting balance for the other.

Sabine comes to our Head Office once a week on Tuesdays and sets about sorting out things in the bookkeeping department at a rapid pace! She is always cheerful, and very helpful.

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