Build Your Life Resume – How to Get Motivated and Create Goals That Push You to Your Full Potential

Build Your Life Resume is a program created by Jesse Itzler to help participants get motivated and create goals that push them to their full potential. The program is based on his own real-life experiences. Some of the most memorable ones include inviting a navy seal to live in his home with him and his family for 31 days to push him beyond his limits.

Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or you’re just starting out, it’s important to constantly push yourself to your limit. This will not only keep you feeling happy and fulfilled, but it’ll also ensure that you achieve all your career milestones.

On this episode of the podcast, Tim talks with Jesse Itzler, a multi-millionaire entrepreneur who is known for pushing himself to the limit and building an incredible “life resume”. Some of the most memorable experiences on his resume include co-founding Marquis Jet, running multiple 100 mile races, managing RUN DMC and living on a monastery to boost his spirituality.

The program teaches you to work backwards from your desired outcome or “Objective” (in resume parlance) and then document the experiences you need to accomplish it, similar to how a real-world resume works. You can also use this exercise to document future experiences you’d like to have if you’re mapping out your career path ahead of time. This way, you can feel like you’re progressing toward your goal and help you shake off feelings of frustration if you aren’t seeing any immediate results. build your life resume

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