Chiropractic – A Science-Based Health Care Approach

Chiropractic is a science-based health care approach that locates and corrects the underlying cause of your health concerns. It is based on the premise that the human body has an innate ability to heal itself when optimally functioning. Chiropractors focus on optimizing nervous system function by adjusting the spine (like tuning a piano) to relieve pressure and irritation on the nerves thus allowing your body to restore and maintain its natural state of health.

The primary reason for people seeking a chiropractor is to manage their pain and illness. Pain is your body’s way of letting you know something is wrong. By the time symptoms appear it is generally because your nervous system has been compromised by structural dysfunction for months, perhaps years.

Chiropractors use the hands-on application of a specific spinal adjustment to correct vertebral subluxations, restoring normal function to the nervous and skeletal systems. This is accomplished by using a gentle, specific (yet highly skilled) procedure that aligns the spine, relieving pressure on the nerves and restoring proper function to your nervous and skeletal system.

Many people are familiar with the sound of the cracking noise that is created when a chiropractic adjustment is made. It is similar to cracking your knuckles and is simply gas releasing from the joints when there is a slight space between the bones. This does not hurt. In fact, most adjustments are very comforting. This is just another part of the total patient experience that distinguishes chiropractic from other forms of healthcare.

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