Choosing the Right British Male Voiceover

The right voice can capture an audience’s attention, evoke emotion and make them take action. That’s why selecting the right voiceover artist is crucial to the success of your commercial, eLearning or explainer video. Whether you need something uplifting and inspiring to encourage your audience or a conversational tone with subtle humour to keep them from hitting the mute button, choosing the right voiceover for your project is essential to making it great.

When it comes to british male voiceover, the best place to start is by determining your project’s tone and what emotions you want to convey. Your target audience will also help determine what type of voice you need. For example, a commercial selling cologne to middle-aged men will require an emotion-filled and convincing voice over, while an explainer video showing how to mount a TV on the wall will be better served by a flat and authoritative voice.

Talented voice actors with a british accent have a versatile, unique style that lends itself well to projects like animation, video games, audiobooks and more. Think Sir Patrick Stewart with his deep, resonant tone and assuasive delivery, Stephen Fry’s soothing, enunciated narration in his Harry Potter audiobooks, Martin Jarvis’ dramatic flair in his radio dramas and animated movies and Benedict Cumberbatch’s crisp tones and sinister cadence as Smaug in The Hobbit film series.

After determining what kind of voice you need for your project, ask friends, family and colleagues for recommendations or search online for client reviews of the voice artists you’re considering. Once you’ve narrowed down the options, listen to demos from several of them and compare their diction, timbre, articulation, expression and phrasing. british male voiceover

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