Comparing Waste King and InSinkErator Garbage Disposals

A garbage disposal is an ingenious device for household kitchens. It helps reduce food waste by liquefying it and passing it through the drainpipe into the sewage system. This keeps the kitchen clean and hygienic, as you do not have to store and dispose food waste in bins. In addition, you avoid accumulating food scraps in your bin which attracts pests and leads to unpleasant smells. The disposal is powered by a powerful electric motor and runs quietly during operation, making it convenient for the whole family to use.

When you’re shopping for a garbage disposal in Maryland, it’s important to compare different models. Two of the most popular garbage disposal brands are Waste King and InSinkErator. Both manufacturers make disposers in a variety of price and power ranges. They also offer a wide variety of features for their models, including SoundSeal and anti-vibration technology.

Both InSinkErator and Waste King disposers are built to last. The grinder chambers in Waste King units are made of corrosion-proof plastic, while those in the top-end InSinkErator products are made of stainless steel. Both brands also use high-speed permanent magnet type motors, but in the case of InSinkErator, their nonbudget disposals feature slow-speed induction motors.

One difference between the two is that Waste King disposals are softer than InSinkErator models, which results in more vibrations and noise when they’re turned on. Waste King has taken steps to decrease their disposers’ noise levels by adding a foam layer between the shell and grinding chambers of their newer machines, but this is less effective than the sound insulation in InSinkErator’s disposals.

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