Custom Gaming Keyboard

When it comes to custom gaming keyboard, there are a number of different options to consider. TKL, Drop CTRL, Cannon Keys Bakeneko60, and QMK with VIA are just a few of the options you have to choose from. Each of these has their own benefits and advantages.


If you’ve been considering purchasing a new gaming keyboard but aren’t sure whether or not a TKL model is right for you, then this article will provide you with some basic information on TKL gaming keyboards and why they are a great option. TKL keyboards have several unique features. First, they are compact, so they free up desk space. They also complement mobile work setups.

Another great feature of a TKL gaming keyboard is that it can be customized. You can choose a variety of customization options, including a number of keycap styles. A TKL keyboard also features a dedicated volume wheel and a detachable wrist rest. Additionally, the keyboard has integrated OLED screens, making it easy to adjust the RGB lighting to suit your preferences.


Drop’s Sense75 gaming keyboard comes in two versions. You can get a pre-built keyboard, which includes DCX keycaps and Holy Panda X switches, or you can opt for a barebones kit. This option comes with a frame and a PCB.

The Drop CTRL gaming keyboard is made from high-quality materials and is built to last. It features a solid metal baseplate and aluminum frame, as well as PBT doubleshot keycaps, which are hot-swappable. The switches are Cherry MX Brown, which are known for being quiet and light. They also come with full RGB backlighting, with each key individually lit.

Cannon Keys Bakeneko60

Cannon Keys’ Bakeneko60 gaming keyboard comes with a variety of features, including a 6-degree typing angle, silicone feet, and a durable case. For just under $130, you can buy this keyboard as a kit with a case, PCB, and switches. To customize your keyboard, you will have to purchase additional switches and keycaps, but the kit comes with everything you need to get started.

This keyboard is built using an o-ring mounting system and friction fit to minimize vibration. The o-ring slots between the plate and PCB for a snug fit. It also utilizes edge-mounted stand-offs to make the keyboard flexible for a more comfortable typing experience.

QMK with VIA

If you want to use the QMK with VIA gaming keyboard, there are a few steps that you need to follow. First of all, you should enable the Design tab of your keyboard. From here, you need to search for the keymap file you want to use. Once you have found it, select it and edit the RGB lighting as needed.

Next, you should make sure that the QMK is compatible with the operating system you’re using. It’s compatible with Windows and Mac, and features OSA PBT double-shot keycaps for enhanced precision. These keycaps also feature a smooth OSA curve, which prevents accidental double-key presses. In addition, the Q3 QMK’s black and cool grey keycaps conceal dirt and grime from daily use. Moreover, they are easy to clean. The keyboard also comes with a variety of accent keycaps, including a light red or black.


The Corsair K70 RGB PRO MINI WIRELESS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard offers a unique 60% form factor and full-size keyboard functionality with onboard shortcuts, iCUE software, and customizable switches. The K70 is available with SPEED or 100% CHERRY MX Red mechanical switches and includes a iCUE software utility for fine tuning inputs. In addition, the keyboard features a separate space bar that lets more RGB lighting pass through.

The iCUE software allows you to customize lighting effects, adjust polling rate, and enable gaming modes. The RGB backlighting is customizable, and the keyboard has decent ergonomics. Unfortunately, it does not come with a wrist rest, which would have improved comfort and performance.

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