Custom Grip Socks

Grip socks are a great addition to trampoline parks and can be customized with any logo, text or design. Grip socks aren’t limited to trampoline use and can be worn for a variety of sports, activities or environments.

The socks feature a non-slip design that locks the foot inside the shoe. The arrow-shaped silicone traction has been designed to generate ‘Grip:IN’ action, eliminating the internal slipping of your foot which affects 90% of sports movements. These socks also have a special traction on the heel which improves grip during lateral and vertical movements, helping you to save muscle power and give you better performance.

These grip socks are made with premium quality, breathable materials that reduce the chances of sweat and irritation, which makes them comfortable to wear. They also offer support to the ankles and Achilles heel to prevent your feet from slipping inside the shoes, improving stability and agility.

They’re also made with a light compression material that improves blood circulation to the feet and legs, reducing tiredness after exercise. They also feature a rubber pad to protect your feet and reduce the risk of injury.

They’re easy to wash and maintain, which is important when you’re using them regularly. They’re machine washable with warm water and can be line dried, although it’s best not to tumble dry them as this damages the quality of the fabric. Moreover, the socks are available in an array of colors and styles to suit your personality and style. custom grip socks

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