Customized Coffee Cups Versus Organic Tote Bags – Which One Can Make The Cut?

The use of organic tote bags is now a searing trend in marketing the go green advocacy and the company also. Supermarkets, restaurants and malls are investing on this greatly functional product to tell the world to care for Mother Nature and purchase their product to be one at aim. Nonetheless, since the employment of custom printed products is in, there are other items that can be capitalized to allow people know about certain products, services and even advocacies about issues that concerns the citizens of the earth. One specific material is personalized coffee cups and they are handed out in diverse promotional affairs for a cause.

In this article let us see why tote bags and personalized coffee cups can be wonderful products in a company’s brand promotion. What are the advantages of the coffee cups against the tote bags and vice versa?

Size matters. Apparently, the organic tote bags are superior in size compared to the coffee cups. Both of them can carry brands. However, bags have bigger printing portion where corporations can lay whatever they like and it will be very visible when strut along a crowded thoroughfare. More than that, cups are small in size and the imprints will not be seen from afar unless you move closer and look at it in a personal distance.

Brand intimacy is a great element and the closer the cups to a person, the more probability of a brand recall. Unlike the tote bags that you see somewhere, there is a tendency that people just see it and ends there. It means that individuals tends to ignore the things around them particularly if they have something in mind that they need to focus on first. During the rush hour, you won’t expect people to look at everything other that the road, right.

Pricing is significant in terms of choosing the right customized items for business and what you are fighting for. Tote bags are easy to fabricate and quite more affordable compares to the personalized coffee cups. Cups are a bit heavy and they can actually eat up a large part of the budget for shipping in case you’ll get your order from the other side of the country. customised tumbler

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