Drug Charges Lawyer – How a Drug Charges Lawyer Can Help

When an individual faces drug charges, the consequences can have a significant and long-lasting impact on their life. A conviction on a drug crime can result in costly fines, the loss of driving privileges or professional licenses and jail time. Having an experienced New York drug charges lawyer on your side is crucial to protecting your rights and promoting a positive outcome for your case.

A skilled drug defense attorney can argue that your constitutional rights were violated during the search and seizure of evidence. For instance, if authorities searched your home without a warrant, the defense attorney could file a motion to suppress that evidence in court. If the evidence is not admissible in court, the government will be forced to drop its criminal charge against you.

It is also possible to be charged with drug possession if you are in possession of an amount that is larger than what would be expected for personal use. In this case, the defense may be able to convince the prosecutor to offer a plea deal for a lesser charge.

You can be charged with drug paraphernalia if you are in possession of tools that might help you ingest drugs. This includes scales, baggies, pipes and other items that are related to the use of illegal drugs. A skilled drug charges lawyer can challenge the prosecution’s case by demonstrating that you were not in possession of the paraphernalia or did not know it was there.

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