Employment Law Advice

Employment Law advice is crucial for any job applicant, current employee or former employee who has a question about their legal rights or is involved in an employment-related dispute. A lawyer can help clarify the many laws pertaining to wages and hours, discrimination, family and medical leave, retirement benefits and occupational safety and health.

Employment issues can arise at any stage of the employer-employee relationship. They can be raised during interviewing or hiring, throughout the tenure of an employee or when the employment-worker relationship is terminated. Employees can also take steps to protect their rights, including filing a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or a similar state agency.

The best time to consult an attorney about a work-related issue is as soon as a problem develops, Levitt says. An experienced attorney can provide a clear explanation of the law and offer guidance on the next step. For instance, if an employer misclassifies workers as independent contractors rather than employees and fails to pay overtime, the company could be at risk for thousands of dollars in back wages.

An experienced attorney can explain the law and offer guidance on the next step, such as reviewing company policies to ensure they comply with wage and hour laws. Employers can also have an employment contract lawyer review any major decision that might impact a large number of workers, such as changing a pension plan or discontinuing a worker benefit, to make sure it is legal. Employment Law advice

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