EV Charger Manufacturers

The electric vehicle market has exploded in recent times, and leading hardware providers are rushing to meet the rising demand. We surveyed the most influential EV Charger Manufacturers to get the lowdown on their products and how they can help you make the switch to greener transportation.

The largest and most popular charging station manufacturer in the US, ChargePoint offers a variety of EV charging solutions for home and business. Their stations are easy to use and feature multiple power levels to suit any EV. They also come with a mobile app that allows you to manage and locate your charging sessions.

Siemens’ electrical and power management know-how strongly powers their foray into EV charging. Their charging equipment is engineered to integrate seamlessly with utility power systems for robust, all-weather operation. Look for their offerings to gain traction among utilities and workplaces as EV adoption continues to spread worldwide.

Blink Charging
As an EV charger operator, Blink is focused on ensuring that drivers have access to the most widespread EV charging network possible. They’re one of the fastest growing EV charging companies, and their innovative, stylish designs set them apart from other manufacturers.

Wallbox USA Inc
Based in Mountain View, California, Wallbox manufactures EV charging station equipment including level 2 and 3.3 kW chargers for residential and commercial use. Their EV charging stations have a simple, sturdy design that focuses on user-friendly operation and reliability, and they can communicate over wi-fi or cellular networks for usage monitoring and load management. EV Charger Manufacturers

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