Floor Heating Pipe Supplier

Whether you are constructing a new home, renovating your existing one or simply adding an additional room or a bathroom, we have the floor heating system to keep your family comfortable. A modern underfloor heating system (UFH) uses water or a mix of water and anti-freeze in a closed-loop to provide continuous energy-efficient heat. UFH is the fastest-growing system for home heating. Traditional systems, such as Polybutylene (PB) and copper, are no longer the preferred option, but remain available for specialized applications.

The best pipe for floor heating should have good resistance to pressure and temperature, be durable, non-corrosive and easy to handle. There are several types of pipes that meet these requirements, but the most popular ones are PE-RT and PERT.

PE-RT is made from special raw materials and has a complex molecular structure, with linear polyethylene as the backbone chain and controllable branches. The special structure makes the pipe have good pressure resistance and excellent flexibility. It also performs well in low temperatures. It can be easily bent and constructed, and its smooth surface doesn’t breed bacteria. PE-RT is sanitary and easy to connect with pipe hot melt connections, making it ideal for plumbing systems.

This variety of PE has superior creep failure and mechanical properties compared with general polyethylene, as well as good resistance to environmental stress cracking. It is also the cheapest of all floor heating pipes. This is because it is produced using three-layer coextrusion, with aluminum or EVOH layers. It is also more environmentally friendly than peroxide or silane crosslinked PE, which requires chemical reaction processes that increase the price and complexity of production. floor heating pipe supplier

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