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If you have been looking to buy a gun safe online (in the USA) you surely have already noticed that many dealers offer free shipping when you purchase one, and make no mistake about it, that promise is true; however there is one catch to it, for the most part free shipping means the gun safe will be taken at no additional cost to your “Curb Side or Garage.” So what does that mean exactly? This article explains everything you need to know about shipping a gun safe to your home or office when you buy it online.

The Era of Shipping Everything

Before getting into the meaty part, first let me clarify that the science of taking heavy things from one state or city to the other has been absolutely perfected by freight companies in this age of online shopping, and big safes are no exception, you can rest assured that the people moving it out of the truck and into your home have all the necessary tools and expertise to do so.

There are 4 ways, or levels, to Ship a Gun Safe:

1. Terminal Pick Up

2. Curb Side or Garage

3. In-Home Delivery

4. Stair Carry Delivery (Upstairs, or Downstairs), or “White Glove Delivery”.

Terminal Pick Up

Do you have a Pick up Truck? And are willing to drive some miles? This option might be for you. When freight companies deliver gun safes they can take it to what is called the “Terminal” in your local area, where you can then pick it up. However, this is very important, the way the online market is shaped today picking up your gun safe might not be a good idea since many dealers offer free shipping to your curb side or garage for most models, so why the trouble? Freighting to a business is cheaper than freighting to a residence, and picking up at terminal station is the cheapest of all. It all depends on the type of deal you have on your hands.

Curb Side or Garage

When gun safe dealers offer Free Shipping it refers to this level of delivery. ‘Curb Side or Garage’ means that the freight company will use a lift gate to lower the gun safe from the truck into the floor and if the entry to the garage has no obstructions, like grass, stairs, level drops, they will live it inside the garage; this might also apply to the inside of the house if there is no garage but there has to be absolutely no obstructions. If you are using this option, very probably you will need to bring along one or two strong fellas to help with the final placement.

In-Home Delivery

In-Home Delivery means that Safe will be taken to the specific place of your choice inside your house. The only condition is that the safe needs to be carried through the same floor level without any stairs or drops involved. It usually ranges from $150-$250 added to the price of the gun safe.

Stair Carry Delivery (Upstairs, or Downstairs)

Finally, if you might want the gun safe placed in the second level or basement of your house this is what is commonly known in the market as “white glove delivery”. It is very important that if you are using this option you communicate well with your liberty gun safe dealer since any special requirements have to be known in advance by the freight company in order to plan well for the delivery with regards to tools and manpower needed. Generally when you buy a gun safe online there is a form detailing the delivery that is submitted along with your payment, or you can always call in advance and ask any questions you might have. This option ranges from $300-$500 depending on the complexity of the task.

Warning: “Don’t try this at home” as they say, is the best advice we can give you regarding carrying and moving big safes, if you still want to do it do further research into how to go about it, but we think the right thing is to let the experts do what they do best, you might pay a little more but you might be saving yourself a big headache. EU-Waffengeschäft

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