Funny Quotes to Keep Your Readers Laughing

When it comes to writing, humor is the quickest way to keep your readers’ attention. But not every writer is a natural comedian, and sometimes it’s best to let the jokes come to you. Using funny quotes, memes and gifs can provide the laughs your readers need to stay engaged.

When life hands you lemons, smear on some wit with these hilarious quotes about life. These funny sayings will remind you to take yourself less seriously and make the most out of every situation.

Whether you’re looking for funny birthday quotes to add to a personalized card or a fun caption for an image in a photo book, these humorous quotes are sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face. These funny quotes about love offer a fresh perspective on the often serious subject of romance. They’re also perfect for adding to romantic gifts or wedding toasts.

Sometimes the most profound words come from the most unlikely sources. These funny quotes about literature capture the humor that is found in everything from classic novels to contemporary TV shows.

For any aspiring writer, these funny writing quotes will help keep your sense of humor in check when it comes to the writing process. Rather than relying on heavy-handed literary analysis, try using funny puns that will evoke an even bigger smile from your audience. For example, a quote like William Shakespeare’s ‘I have seen the grotesque thing of nature,/ And it was better than any picture’ can be turned into a humorous writing prompt by focusing on the word ‘raw’.

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