Groomsmen Suits

Groomsmen suits are a classic way to complement your wedding party. Whether you’re aiming for traditional black or navy, neutrals, or something more unexpected—like this gorgeous marigold hue or this tartan print—there are plenty of options on The Black Tux that your guys will love to wear again and again.

A good groomsmen suit starts with a tailored fit. Taking each guy’s measurements ahead of time will help ensure that they’ll have the perfect suit for your big day. It’ll also be helpful when you go to pick out accessories, like ties, bowties, and pocket squares, to make sure they all match up.

Choose your fabric carefully, too. A good quality suit will likely be made from wool, either flannel or worsted, depending on your budget and the style of your event. If your wedding is in a warm climate, consider going with tropical wool for a lightweight, breathable fabric.

The tie or bowtie you choose is a final touch that can bring your groomsmen’s outfits to life. If you want a dapper look, opt for silk ties in solid colors or subtle patterns that coordinate with your groomsmen suits. If you’re aiming for a more casual look, try bowties or pocket squares in fun shapes and fabrics that align with your wedding theme.

Another option for your groomsmen is to go with a two-piece or three-piece suit. Choosing a dark suit will align with your wedding’s expected level of formality and help everyone look polished, no matter the weather. Groomsmen suits

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