How an Employee Communication App Can Keep Your Team Connected

An employee communication app can keep your team connected. These versatile tools are affordable and offer a wide range of features to suit your organization’s needs.

Streamline company content in a modern mobile experience. Reach remote employees and engage frontline staff with targeted push notifications and personalized feeds.

Previously known as Bananatag, this internal communications tool helps managers and teams design an employee communication app with a simple drag-and-drop editor. It integrates with your current email system and offers customization options for distribution lists.


A good internal communication tool should be cost-effective. Initial investments and software deployment costs should be weighed against the impact on productivity. If an organization is struggling to keep up with the cost of modern technology tools, they may need to rethink their strategy.

Employees are looking for better ways to connect with one another and their leaders. Traditional channels like email and intranets are failing to meet these needs. However, a well-rounded employee communications app can help organizations get back on track.

An employee communication app provides a platform for employees to share and comment on news, company announcements, and events. They can also create groups based on geography, department, or team. This allows employees to stay informed on relevant information while reducing back-and-forth communication and saving time. The best internal communication tools also provide a range of productivity-enhancing features, including task tracking and social media functions. They can also be linked to other systems, such as payroll and compliance training.

Intuitive and user-friendly interface

There are a variety of workplace technology tools on the market, from email and chat apps to intranets. However, they all serve different purposes. Emails are good for communicating top-down information, while chat tools help with transactional communication and collaboration between individuals. On the other hand, intranets are more suited for company-wide news and updates. Choosing an employee communication app that has an intuitive and user-friendly interface is essential to increase adoption rates and productivity.

An employee communications app allows employees to easily find and consume important messages, alerts, and notifications. These features can be delivered across desktop, mobile devices and digital screens. Unlike emails, which tend to be ignored or forgotten over time, these messages are highly visible and can’t be missed. Employee communication apps also provide a social interaction feature, allowing employees to comment on news and share reactions with their colleagues. They also feature a searchable employee directory to connect team members and leadership, as well as a library to store and organize important files, content, and assets.


The best internal communication software provides multiple integrations for a seamless experience. These integrations allow employees to access important resources in one app. This way, they can keep track of their work and stay updated on new information. It also allows teams to collaborate and share resources without worrying about losing files.

Aside from email and chat applications, employee communications apps also offer features like a unified digital workplace platform, team messaging, and engagement tools. The right internal communications app for your organization depends on the channels you use to communicate with your team, the types of employees (frontline or corporate) you’re communicating with, and the extent to which you want to measure your comms efforts.

Often, employee communication app integrations with user management systems like Active Directory or other platforms that store an employee list are needed. These integrations facilitate the import of user lists into the employee communication app. This will help you target content to specific employee groups and measure how well you’re doing.


In a remote workforce, the employee communication app is a powerful tool that bridges geographically distributed teams and promotes collaboration. Its capabilities include instant messaging, channels for group projects, video and voice conferencing, and voice notes. Additionally, it enables employees to track their work hours and provides management with analytics.

It is important to select an internal communication platform that offers a reliable, intuitive user interface. Your employees will be using this software on a daily basis, so it’s important that they can easily navigate and understand its features. Additionally, look for software with a trial or free plan to test its suitability for your business.

The Staffbase internal communications platform is designed to solve your internal comms challenges and deliver a best-in-class experience for your people. Its fully branded mobile app delivers the most relevant updates to frontline workers, while providing managers with engagement insights throughout the employee journey. It also supports multiple languages and a full range of communication channels, including a social-media style newsfeed.

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