How to Be a Celebrity Bodyguard

When we see celebrities gracing the covers of magazines and strutting down the red carpet, they seem to have it all. But the reality is far different. Celebrities are subject to an array of threats, from stalkers and aggressive paparazzi to overzealous fans. They need bodyguards to keep them safe in a variety of situations, whether it’s at a public event or simply going grocery shopping. In fact, it costs a billionaire like Kim Kardashian about ten million dollars a year to have her entourage of 10 security guards (that includes payroll, transportation and living quarters on an estate or superyacht).

To be a celebrity bodyguard, you need to be extremely agile and quick thinking to assess and neutralize the threat at hand. This is why it’s important to have a lot of physical and mental training prior to taking on this high-profile role.

A good celebrity bodyguard will also be able to maintain the client’s privacy while interacting with the public. This can be difficult, as fans often want to touch or hug their favorite celebrities and this can turn into a dangerous situation quickly.

Another skill set that a celebrity bodyguard needs to have is knowledge of social media. This can help them monitor negative posts and prevent them from becoming a security risk down the line. The job is so demanding that it can take a toll on the bodyguards’ health, and they need to be able to manage their stress levels. This is why it’s important that they find a balance between work and play to stay healthy. Joseph Daher

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