How to Break the Ice With Fun Ice Breaker Questions

Ice breaker questions are great for breaking the ice and creating a friendly environment. Whether you’re running a training workshop or meeting with coworkers, fun ice breakers help break the silences and short, stale chatter that can happen in a group.

These icebreakers range from quick, easy answers to more complex ones that allow delegates to dive into their passions and personalities. Whether you’re trying to figure out which fictional family they would like to join or what their bucket list items are, these questions will get your team talking and laughing.

A variation on the rock paper scissors game, this fun icebreaker involves a little more planning and preparation but is equally as engaging for the group. Ask delegates to draw their life as a map, using common symbols and signs found on maps such as stop signs, deer crossings, or mountainous areas. Then have delegates take turns sharing their maps with the group, letting them connect with new faces and learn more about their colleagues.

If you have a large group, use this icebreaker to split the delegates into groups of five or more so that they can work in smaller groups. Have each person take their name tag and find out as much about it as they can as they go around the room. They should then go to a different person in the group, introducing themselves and finding out more about their colleague. This is a fantastic way to build relationships and comradery, especially for dispersed teams. fun ice breaker questions

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