How to Choose the Best URL Shortener for Your Business

Whether you’re running an Instagram campaign, managing social media or sharing links in your newsletter, it’s vital to optimize the way your content is shared. URL shortening tools are an easy and intuitive solution that can be used to create clean, tidy links. This benefits your audience in many ways: shortened links are easier to remember and type manually, and they fit neatly into platform-specific character limitations. Many of these tools also offer detailed analytics, offering insight into link engagement and more.

Bitly is a leading contender in the URL shortener space and a comprehensive tool for link management. Its intuitive interface is designed for businesses of all sizes, with advanced features including branded links and tracking capabilities. It also offers a free plan that’s suitable for small businesses and individuals.

Rebrandly is another highly-rated link shortener that comes with an extensive suite of features, allowing users to customize the second half of their links. It’s free to use, although a paid account is required to access more advanced analytics.

Polr is a more technically advanced option that’s ideal for those who want to host and manage their own URL shortener. It’s open-source, making it perfect for developers who are familiar with PHP, Lumen and MySQL. It has a number of interesting features, such as slick graphical dashboards and limited incoming traffic analytics. It also includes a customizable URL, a key feature for establishing brand recognition amongst your audience. best url shortener

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