How to Pay for Fertility Treatment

The cost of fertility treatment can be daunting. If you can’t afford to pay for all of your treatments upfront, there are many ways to help defray the costs.

Start with calling your insurance provider to learn if they cover fertility tests and treatment. If they do, ask what the coverage amounts are for copayments, deductibles and lifetime maximums. Also, find out if there are pre-certifications or prior authorizations that need to be met.

Another way to pay for IVF is to participate in a clinical trial or research study. There are many opportunities available, including through NYU Langone Fertility Center.

To determine your chances of success, a clinic can give you information on ovarian reserve, sperm quality and medical issues that may affect your ability to conceive. You should also get a breakdown of how much each step of IVF will cost, and ask whether there are any packages available for multiple cycles of treatment.

You can reduce the cost of IVF by getting a discount or reducing the number of embryos transferred. During a single cycle of IVF, you can expect to pay a base fee for ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval, plus the cost of medications, which can add up to about $15,000 in total.

You can also consider a shared-risk program that lets you pay only for the procedures that have a high chance of resulting in a viable pregnancy. However, this type of program is not right for everyone and can put a lot of financial burden on patients.

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