How to Save on Dental Supplies

In dental offices, having the right supplies makes all the difference. From disposables and trays to specialized tools, every office needs a wide range of equipment to provide their patients with quality care. While some supplies must be used once and then discarded for sanitary reasons, other can be cleaned and reused to save money and reduce the office’s environmental footprint.

As e-commerce becomes more popular and larger manufacturers buy up distribution lines, it could change the landscape of how dentists purchase their supplies. Online platforms that manage inventory and facilitate reordering will make it easier to keep an accurate count of current supplies and ensure that a practice doesn’t run out of vital materials, which would compromise patient care.

Dentists should take a closer look at how much of their overall budget is spent on supplies, and see if there are ways to save. One way to do this is by taking the time to compare prices from several suppliers, as this will give them a better sense of how much they are spending on supplies in relation to their other expenses.

Choosing the best supplier is all about finding one that has the type of products you need, at prices that fit your budget. Some of the most popular options include Darby Dental, Henry Schein, and Scott’s Dental Supply. These companies each have a large selection of dental supplies in stock across their multiple warehouses and locations, and they offer group purchasing contracts to help practices streamline their ordering operations. Scott’s Dental Supply also offers bulk discounts and rotating specials to help dentists save even more on their purchases.

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