Interior Design Styles

Understanding the different interior design styles is essential to creating a home that feels unique and personal. From sleek contemporary looks to bohemian and maximalist decor styles, it’s important to recognize the distinct aesthetics of each style before you dive in. Having a better grasp on your ideal decorating style can make the entire process easier and more fun!

Often described as sleek and minimal, the modern design style features clean lines and a sparse look. It’s an open canvas that can be layered with other design elements, such as the rustic furniture in Industrial or Scandinavian, and more colorful decor like that of Southwestern or Bohemian.

As a counterpoint to overly-decorative and cluttery styles, minimalist design prioritizes functionality and simplicity. This interior design style uses neutral colors, and accentuates spaces with a pop of vibrancy using colorful sofas or wall art.

Art Deco
As one of the oldest interior design styles, Art Deco is a decorative design movement that emphasizes geometric shapes and manufactured materials. Wavy furniture pieces are an especially distinct throwback that is making a comeback in a more modern way.

Traditional decorating is all about classic elegance and symmetry. It is typically characterized by darker woods and warm colors, as well as details like wainscoting and crown molding.

Mixing and matching interior design styles is perfectly acceptable and can actually be highly beneficial for finding a cohesive, comfortable space that is uniquely you. That’s why it’s important to understand the nuances of each design style, so you can combine them with others according to your intuition and preferences. interior design styles

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