Ithmid Kohl

Ithmid Kohl is the only kohl/surma mentioned and recommended in the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam). It carries with it enormous health benefits for the eyes. Among these is that it protects the eye from germs and other harmful substances, whilst at the same time allowing the eyes to keep their natural colours. It also purportedly cures a number of eye diseases such as redness and conjunctivitis. It is also said to promote the growth of the eyelashes, something which can prove very beneficial for those who suffer from thin and sparse lashes. It is even reported to be effective in treating alopecia.

Another significant benefit of ithmid kohl is that it helps to beautify the eyes in a way which other types of kohl cannot. This is because ithmid kohl, according to many ahadeeth, has the ability to make the white part of the eye clearer and more white, and the coloured part of the eye (iris) more colourful and clearer. It is also said to give the appearance of bigger eyes, which could be a result of it making the iris more visible and stronger.

Some ulama stress that the use of ithmid kohl should only be done by those whose eyesight agrees with it, otherwise it can cause discomfort and pain to the eye. It is also recommended to apply it in the eyes at night, before sleeping, as this was the sunnah of our beloved Prophet (sallallahu alihi wa sallam). Our ithmid kohl comes in a 13g glass bottle which is lead free and accompanied by a handmade Moroccan wooden applicator stick, and a unique Sunnah Shifa directions of use leaflet.

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