Korean Cosmetics Companies

The best korean cosmetics companies have a wide selection of products that appeal to a variety of skin types and concerns. Many also offer a range of different price points, making them accessible to the average consumer. Some of the more popular brands include Hera (sister brand to Sulwhasoo and IOPE) for luxury makeup, Tony Moly for their vast array of sheet masks and KOCO for all-natural, earth-friendly skincare. KAHI is a more recent addition, but they have already made quite the name for themselves with their bestselling products featuring Jeju Island ingredients like salmon collagen and moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid.

Amore Pacific is one of the largest cosmetics companies in Korea and they have several popular brands under their umbrella. Their Time Response series of skincare is known for increasing skin texture and firmness. Other well-known brands are Laneige, Hera, and Innisfree.

Innisfree is a budget-orientated beauty brand that is owned by Amore Pacific and focuses on natural, soothing, and moisture-enhancing formulas. Their green tea products are especially well-loved.

The beauty industry in Korea is incredibly forward-thinking. Consumers are becoming more and more interested in personalized solutions to their specific concerns, so cosmetics companies are responding by offering customizable products. For example, a new app by AMOREPACIFIC allows users to analyze their facial features and generate a custom hydrogel face mask that is then printed right in front of them.

Korean consumers are a highly tech-savvy group and they tend to be receptive to new beauty trends. Because of this, many K-beauty brands have a strong digital presence and are readily available on social media. Some beauty stores also have AR mirrors that will help you try out your favorite products and provide virtual makeup tutorials. korean cosmetics companies

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