Microsoft Solutions – Achieving a Microsoft Solution Designation

Microsoft solutions provide the tools businesses need to streamline processes and position themselves for long-term success. With industry-leading productivity tools, state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and low-code/no-code automation capabilities, microsoft solutions can enable your business to move faster, engage smarter, connect deeper, and grow your business.

With a variety of subscription options, Microsoft offers solutions that fit every business use case. For example, Office 365 provides cloud-based productivity tools that empower your employees to work together in real time and increase workplace efficiency. Azure allows you to operationalize platform costs instead of making large capital expenditures, while Power BI allows you to analyze data and make informed decisions that lead to better performance.

In order to achieve a microsoft solution designation, you must meet the requirements in your category, which are defined by your partner capability score. This score is determined automatically through measurements based on the information you already provide in Partner Center. It includes categories for Performance, Skilling, and Customer success. You can earn a maximum of two microsoft solution designations per year, with the requirement for each to be a different category.

A microsoft solution designation shows that you have the expertise to deliver specific Microsoft solutions, such as Azure for Infrastructure or Business Applications. This designation also opens up incremental benefits like Azure credits and software for qualified partners. To qualify, you must have a Silver or Gold partner capability score that meets the definition of your solution area and achieve a minimum threshold in each of these categories.

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