Miles Morales Costume For Adult

Whether you’re ready to defend Earth-616 or take on threats from the Multiverse, this Miles Morales Costume for adult is the perfect way to unleash your inner superhero. This black printed polyester Marvel costume top is a padded jumpsuit that features red webbing and a red spider emblem on the front, mirroring Miles’ signature look from Spider-Verse 2. A fabric mask covers your head to complete your interdimensional hero costume.

This intricately crafted costume is sure to capture every detail of the character’s suit from Spider-Verse 2, including soft and sculpted fiberfill padding to add muscular definition to your torso. A hook and loop fastener on the back of the torso allows you to easily slip the costume on and off. The attached foam boot covers have elastic bands underfoot for a comfortable fit and are designed to cling to your shoes like a pair of tights. Gaps at the wrists make it easy to flip back the gloves and free your hands for non-web slinging tasks, such as snapping selfies or holding snacks.

This bold and eye-catching design can help you stand out at Halloween parties or other special events and may be a great choice to wear for comic conventions and other fandom-related gatherings. And as an Afro-Latino superhero, Miles Morales’ design can also serve as a positive representation for diversity and inclusion in the media.

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