My 10 Days Trip to Egypt – Charming Landmarks and Stunning Beaches

All right,Guest Posting y’all! I’m now in my home, I’m back, my fabric has been more pre-washed (oh yes, I bought fabric) and I’ve arranged through the mounds of photos I took during my 10 days Egypt tour. Now it’s time to narrate about it! To be honest, when I decided to planned this trip, I wasn’t intending on writing a blog post about it never as like when I visited Peru, I was expected that a personal tour that would basically only be beneficial to me. However, I have gotten tons questions about my trip in Egypt – what I did, how I arranged it, did I feel safe in Egypt, etc etc – while posting my tour on Instagram, not to mention dozens of requests for a post. So, here you go. My trip to Egypt, 10 August 2019!

First: How I Booked My Tour Itinerary

Many tour operators suspended operations in Egypt exactly after the revolution on 25 January 2011. Not many people were going to it from 2012-2015. But we are approaching 2019 now, and things are changing. Tourism is still nowhere near what it was before 2011 in Egypt, but visitors are returning every year in larger and larger numbers.

Earlier this year, I decided to go to Egypt and booked a 10-days tour of Egypt, so I sat on my chair and then opened my computer and typed in Google’s search engine “Egypt vacation packages”, lots of results in front me. I choose the best 10 booking websites and I concerned that the travel agency should be located in Egypt to prevent the commissions that other international travel agencies take it such as Thomas Cook and built my trip website…etc. I was prepared an inquiry that I need to book a trip to Egypt for 10 days, what’s the best itinerary and the best service you offer at affordable prices. I send this inquiry to 10 travel website which already located in Egypt. One of them was “Trips in Egypt” travel agency which arranged my trip to Egypt.

This is my confession: It provides me with the best itinerary to Egypt instead of the other itineraries that I received from the other website. The itinerary was covered all the important archeological sites in Egypt which located in Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan. plus enjoy a Nile cruise which is considered the best way to Egypt. That’s not all, I have great free days in a hotel in Hurghada red sea, How wonderful. So, I would highly recommend booking a tour through this company with these guides, I had a most incredible experience. It made my trip so much fun to learn all about ancient Egyptian history! The cruise was also excellent. The food was delicious, the staff was so friendly/helpful and the rooms were good. Private guided trip

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