Pharma Shopping in the Digital Age

Whether they shop for their own medications or help others make decisions about their health, pharmacists need to understand the importance of creating a positive customer experience. This is especially true in the digital age, when customers can interact with pharma brands in multiple ways—and they expect those interactions to be efficient, relevant and engaging.

Pharma Shopping
Online pharmacy websites can be an effective marketing tool for reducing costs and increasing access to prescription medications. These sites allow users to purchase drugs directly from a pharmacist and often offer lower prices than in-store options. But they also pose a few challenges that need to be considered when planning an ecommerce strategy.

Consumers seem to welcome these new options. Surveys show that people who use these pharmacies tend to have higher satisfaction levels and brand loyalty. However, different types of retail pharmacies must find unique ways to meet consumer needs in order to remain competitive and relevant.

Those include adding wellness coaching, education and other services to their offerings. They also need to improve the speed of checkout and filling prescriptions. Some are experimenting with innovative models such as a $5-a-month generic drug subscription (Amazon’s RxPass) or with personalized medicine through digital health platforms (DiRx). The days of complete control over the message are gone—pharmacy marketers need to seek out opportunities to engage consumers, physicians and payers in preferred channels and contexts.

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