PTFE Hose Manufacturer

PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) hoses are highly flexible, kink resistant and can endure chemical and temperature extremes that would cause other hose types to fail. This makes them the ideal solution for many industrial fluid transfer applications. A good ptfe hose manufacturer offers an extensive range of these versatile products designed to meet unique industrial requirements. These hoses are suitable for use in applications where food-grade or pharmaceutical quality is required. They are also highly steam resistant, making them suitable for sterilisation processes. These hoses are very durable and can withstand a wide range of temperatures, making them an ideal choice for transferring solvents, acids and petroleum products.

The PTFE hoses offered by the best ptfe hose manufacturers can be manufactured in a variety of lengths, with standard end fittings available or made to order as required. These hoses have low volumetric expansion allowing for immediate response to pressure changes. They are supplied with a choice of stainless steel braiding materials to ensure they can be used for many different types of process.

Some PTFE hoses are available with a flexible, non-marking synthetic rubber cover, which is easily cleaned and meets high sanitary standards. This type of hose is popular for pharmaceutical and food applications, as it minimises the risk of medicine being leached or contaminated during transfers. It is also a good choice for industrial applications, such as transferring chemicals or solvents between production machines and storage containers. Some PTFE hoses are also designed to dissipate electrostatic charges, making them suitable for use in electronic manufacturing applications. ptfe hose manufacturer

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