Quantum Healing Systems

A new wave of healing systems claims to use quantum physics, a branch of physics that studies the miniscule particles that make up matter. Quantum healing practitioners believe these particles create vibrations that can influence our physical state. Using this knowledge, the practitioners say they can help you heal your own body by correcting energy imbalances that may be causing health problems.

Some quantum healing modalities rely on reducing stress and improving mental clarity through yoga, meditation and other holistic practices. Others, like the Emotion Code and Soul Healing, claim to release erroneous core beliefs that can be holding you back.

Another approach uses a technique called Quantum Touch (QT), which was developed by Deepak Chopra and has been endorsed by physicians, surgeons, nurses and practitioners in massage, acupuncture, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, acupressure and other alternative therapies. The practitioners use their hands to guide a form of energetic healing known as the “biophoton” effect, which is said to affect the atomic particles that make up our cells and reprogram them to heal the body.

Quantum healing devices are also available for home use. They’re based on the same quantum theory and have been proven to treat ailments such as earaches, menstrual pains, arthritis and gum disease. They work by combining electromagnetic waves and light with a computerized motherboard that is programmed to deliver the precise wavelength, intensity, distance and duration needed for maximum effectiveness. Some patients have reported that these devices decrease pain, swelling and inflammation and speed up the body’s natural healing process. quantum healing systems

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