San Diego Blonde

San Diego Blonde
If you like a good blonde beer, you will want to check out this fun bar. They have great music, all drinks are named after songs & the place is pretty cozy. It used to be a pool bar called Bar Dynamite but it was changed to the current name Blonde Bar & they removed the pool tables so it feels much more welcoming than that grungy dive bar feel of the old place.

This beer is brewed with a combination of two-row, wheat and pilsner malt balanced with German Hallertau and Czech Saaz hops for a crisp, light-bodied beer. Its perfect balance of flavors and aromas is the result of a unique brewing process. The resulting blonde ale is an easy-drinking boat beer that brings back memories of a day on the water.

In the past year, Salty Crew Blonde has been one of the fastest growing brands in Coronado Brewing Company’s portfolio. This success is a direct result of the authentic partnership between two iconic San Diego brands and their ability to align product, brand, and message. San Diego Blonde

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