Should You Buy Peptides?

There’s been a lot of buzz about the ability of peptides to improve skin, muscle and health. But what are they, and do they live up to the hype? Peptides are short strings of amino acids that form the basis for proteins, and lab-made versions of some of these are now being marketed as ingredients to boost skin health, encourage muscle growth or even treat medical conditions like type 2 diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

You’ll find peptides in many skincare products, but you may also be able to buy them separately. If you do, opt for serums and moisturizers rather than cleansers, says a co-founder of a skincare chemistry site called Chemist Confessions, because those formulations have longer contact with the skin and give the peptides a chance to work their magic.

If you do buy peptides, choose a trusted seller with a verified track record and high-quality facilities. These types of products often aren’t cheap, so be ready to comparison shop.

In addition, the best peptides are often made from raw materials that have to be shipped to the manufacturing site and then dosed and lyophilized in a clean room, which is expensive and time-consuming. Look for a company that makes this clear on their website.

The company you’re considering should also be transparent about where their products are sourced and the process they use to make them. That’s important because a lot of peptides sold online come from China and are often not in the form they should be or contain impotent or potentially dangerous amounts of the compounds they’re supposed to have.

Another thing to keep in mind is that peptides are unstable and must be kept at a specific temperature. If they’re kept in transit for too long, they can lose their efficacy or even become toxic. You’ll want to get your peptides from a supplier that can ensure that they will arrive at the right temperature.

There’s no shortage of people who are eager to try peptides to improve their appearance and performance. Countless websites have popped up that offer virtual consultations with doctors who then ship out products for the user to self-administer via injection. Some of the most popular peptides include SERMORELIN to increase muscle mass, CJC-1295 and IPAMORELIN to enhance sexual function, and GHRP-6 and BMPP-157 to stimulate metabolism.

These supplements aren’t for everyone, and they should always be used under the guidance of a doctor who knows what they’re doing and understands how to optimize results. If you’re interested in trying peptides, check out the International Peptide Society for a list of physicians who can help. Then, be sure to read the label and carefully follow all instructions. If you’re not careful, you could end up with a lot of waste and no noticeable improvement. That’s no fun at all. buy peptides

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