Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse – Jessica Drew Wears a Spider-Gwen Mask

In the most recent Spider-Man film, Issa Rae took on Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman. The new take on the character is based off her 2015 run of comics where she was an Avenger, SHIELD agent and private investigator all while battling Skrull spaceships and getting pregnant. She’s also a drummer in her own punk rock band which made for one of the most unique variants Marvel has ever produced.

While we have seen a few superheroes before her, the first one to wear a mask was actually Wesley Dodson, whose face was covered from head to toe in his 1940 debut. This mask was incredibly similar to Spider-Man’s and helped spark a lot of the debate over who really created spider gwen.

Originally, Gwen Stacy was the regular girlfriend of Miles Morales and Peter Parker before they lost touch in his dimension. She then became Spider-Woman in his place, gaining super powers from her father’s robot program while using her quick wits and genetic knowledge to fight crime.

When Spider-man Across the Spider-Verse opens, we see Gwen fighting alongside Miles and Peter to help recover a piece of Siege Perilous from a criminal’s underwater lair. This action sequence is followed by Gwen showing her face for the first time since a traumatic incident in the previous film, when she’s exposed to Jackal’s spider chemicals. From there, she quickly reverts back to her normal self and is once again able to use her brain and grit to save the day. Spider gwen mask

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