The Basics of Fire Damage Repair

When fire damage occurs, it’s important to act quickly and seek the services of an experienced restoration company. The process of repairing and cleaning after a fire can be complex, and it involves more than just the obvious clean up and refinishing of walls and floors. There are often underlying issues that can be overlooked, which is why it’s important to understand the basics of fire damage repair.

The first step of any restoration job after a fire is to complete an assessment. This is done to determine the extent of the damage to the structure and the contents of the property, including evaluating how deep the smoke and soot penetration was. This information is then used to create a cleaning plan for the property.

If the property has been flooded by water used to extinguish the fire, restoration professionals will use specialized equipment to remove the standing water and dry the affected areas. They may also use odor counteractants to treat lingering odors and contamination.

After the inspection is completed, the crew will board up any openings in the building and secure it to prevent additional damage from the weather or other threats. They may also tarp the roof or seal off parts of the roof that were not impacted by the fire.

Structural damages are often the most severe impact of a fire. Wood beams, for instance, can be damaged by the intense heat of a fire. However, these beams will likely only be damaged on the surface and can often be salvaged if they are deemed structurally sound. They will need to be professionally cleaned, though, to remove charring and soot. fire damage repair

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