The Benefits of Custom Invitations

Whether it’s a wedding, shower or birthday party, an invitation is the first thing your guests will see and it should set the tone for the event. Having the flexibility to add in unique styles and designs can make all the difference. Store bought invitations limit your creativity and are often just a generic version of a similar design found in multiple places. This is where custom invites come in!

The benefits of choosing a custom invitation include complete customization throughout the entire process, a higher level of care and knowledge from your vendor and the ability to use any type of paper you want. Unlike semi-custom or ordering from fast-key turnaround big box sites, custom invites require more time for the design process and may include additional add-ons like watercolor art, calligraphy or sketching.

Another benefit of a custom invitation is that it will print correctly, giving a hot-off-the-press look and feel. The secret to this is ensuring that your design goes to the edge of your chosen paper with no white margins — called full bleed in the printing industry. To achieve this, the design is actually created on a larger piece of paper than your final cut size, with the extra being trimmed off before printing.

Finally, if you’re planning to add on envelope liners or wax seals, these will also add to the cost. Be sure to factor this into your budget when planning the amount of invitations you will order. Etemply

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