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What is UV Printing?

UV Printing is a unique process of digital printing that utilizes ultraviolet (UV) light to dry and cure inks,Guest Posting adhesives or coatings very quickly. The drying process is so quick that the ink gets dried as soon as it hits the surface. This process uses amazing technology to obtain a method of printing on almost anything as long as it can fit into the printer.

The method of UV printing has taken over the traditional water and solvent-based thermal drying techniques. This is because UV printing is a lot faster than any other printing method and the quality of the product obtained is very high which reduces the rejection rate of finished products. The inks used in this technique have a better glass finish, elasticity, strength and have improved resistance against scratches, chemicals, etc.

How does UV Printing work?

UV printing uses Mercury, Quartz or LED lights to cure ink in place of heat. The ink transforms from a paste to a liquid in the blink of an eye and no time is there for the ink to evaporate and release toxic fumes or VOCs. Hence, this process is environment-friendly and fast which saves production time keeping the quality of the products high. It uses UV lights with wavelengths that range between 200 to 400 nm.

The ink used contains monomers, polymers, oligomers and photo-initiators. The photo-initiators present absorb UV light and undergo a chemical reaction which causes the printing ink to harden instantly.

Best Place to Buy UV Printing Equipment

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