The Importance of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is comprised of a set of tools, risk management approaches, technologies, training and best practices that protect networks, devices, programs and data from attacks and unauthorized access. It includes ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and policies for businesses that store personal information on the internet.

As technology and devices continue to evolve, cybersecurity must continually adjust to address new threats and risks. This is made more difficult by the emergence of “Internet of things” devices that are connected to a network, creating a much larger attack surface. The nature of these devices, combined with the fact that they are often used for unsecure purposes like streaming video, makes them particularly vulnerable to hacking.

Keeping up with general and industry specific compliance regulations is another critical element of cybersecurity. This can be a challenge as employees and systems fall out of compliance for one reason or the other. A comprehensive cybersecurity assessment will help identify these areas and provide guidance on how to remedy the situation.

Even with the most robust technology and security measures in place, companies must also ensure their employees are aware of the dangers they face on a daily basis. By educating staff on the importance of cybersecurity and providing ongoing security awareness training, they will be less likely to make the kinds of mistakes that can lead to costly data breaches. In addition, if they feel confident in their ability to respond to cyber attacks, they will be more likely to report suspicious activity to IT rather than waste time trying to figure out how to deal with an unknown threat. SOCaaS

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