Tips on How to Get More Views on YouTube

You may have uploaded your video on YouTube to promote your product/service, exhibit your creativity, spread awareness about a social cause or just for fun. You would certainly want YouTube users to see it, comment on it and rate it. With millions of users uploading and watching videos on YouTube, you may not get all the attention you hope for, but you can definitely increase the number of views with these tips on how to get more views on YouTube.

Post a tutorial or ‘how to’ video

A lot of viewers browse YouTube for fun and entertainment, but there are also those who seek to learn about or expand their knowledge on a particular subject. You can create a ‘how to’ video on popular topics and themes. Some suggestions include ‘how to’ videos on yoga, aerobics, martial arts or tutorial videos on learning a European or Eastern language.

Whatever skills you have, put them in an instructive video and upload it as a tutorial. For example, if you are a guitar player and want to promote your music, you can upload a video with the title “How to play the guitar”. Or if you want to give tips on increasing YouTube video views, you can talk about the various techniques and tips in a video called ‘how to get more views on YouTube’.

Create discussions

The next tip to increase YouTube views is to initiate discussions on your video and increase interactions with other users. One way to start the discussion is by asking a question in the comments section of your video like “who is the best movie director in Hollywood?” Keep the discussions engaging, presenting your point of view and encouraging users to present theirs. This way, you can build a strong network of connections on the site and promote your video effectively.

Another way of creating discussions is commenting on your own video by using multiple accounts, which requires a lot of work and imagination. Although, it is not against the rules of YouTube, it is a little deceptive, but can work wonders for your video’s popularity.

Make friends

The third tip on how to get more views on YouTube is also the most basic one – making friends. The more friends you have, the more video views you will get. Adding friends not only increases the number of views, but also keeps your account active and your video popular. Take time to find people who share common interests with you and add them as your friends. Avoid sending bulk friend requests as it could be considered spam. Users will accept your request only if they find your videos interesting, so make sure that your video content is appealing and showcases your skills. youtube comments

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