Top 4 Must-Visit Places in Melbourne

Melbourne is often described as the most European of Australian cities. As a tourist staying in Melbourne hotels are often the best starting point in deciding which tourist attractions to visit. The hotel concierge will have many suggestions for you but you may still want a few pointers before you decide.

All of Melbourne is easily accessible through the excellent transport system, especially trams and trains which criss-cross the city every few minutes. You can visit beaches, theatres and concert halls not to mention the many beautiful historic buildings and of course you cannot forget the famous Melbourne restaurants.

So with plenty of attractions to choose from here are five highly recommended destinations to get you started.

St Kilda Beach. St Kilda is the closest beach side suburb to the CBD and is easily accessible by tram. Along Acland Street you will find dozens and dozens of restaurants, cafes and other assorted eateries not to mention the famous cake shops for which the street is renowned. But before you have eaten your fill however, maybe you will want to visit the beach to build up an appetite. After a few hours lying on the sand or swimming in the still waters of the bay, you might want to take a shower and you will be ready to settle into a beautiful lunch.

Theatres. Melbourne is famous for its many theatres which stage the latest productions in the country. Why not start at the Princess Theatre in Spring Street where you can enjoy a night out in a National trust classified Theatre complete with chandeliers and marble staircases. Her Majesty’s Theatre in Exhibition Street is another famous theatre which is popular with most locals. The Astor Theatre in St Kilda is another popular choice.

The Tram Restaurant. One of the more unusual ways to see the sights of Melbourne is to enjoy a three course meal on a travelling restaurant. This Tram will take you on a three-hour tour of the streets of Melbourne whilst you are served a wonderful restaurant quality meal. This is especially popular in the evenings where you can see the exciting nightlife at close quarters while relaxing as you travel.

Historic Buildings. Melbourne is full of historic and extremely well preserved colonial buildings. Why not start at the famous Exhibition Building near the CBD. This is the finest example of architecture of its style in Australia and is still in use for designated exhibitions or simply as a backdrop to exhibitions that take place in the surrounding parklands. It is a marvellous building with great attention to detail that is a reminder of Melbourne’s beginnings which were spurred by the gold rush in the surrounding area in the 1800s.

The Victoria Markets. A visit to the Victoria markets at the end of Swanston Street in the CBD is an eye opener for visitors looking for the finest quality produce and handcrafted products like cheese and specialty sausages. On Sunday the flea market draws thousands of visitors looking for a bargain.

Melbourne has a wide choice of accommodation for tourists on any budget and you can easily spend a few weeks just walking the streets and enjoying the grandeur of this beautiful Australian city. Best CBD Oil For Sleep UK

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