Top 9 Employee Communication Apps

Communicating with your team in a shared digital space builds company morale and fosters a sense of community. It also helps employees feel aligned to organizational goals.

These employee communication apps provide a variety of collaboration features such as instant messaging chat, free audio and video calls, screen sharing, and document transfer. They also help you bridge language gaps by providing automated translation services.


This top employee communication app is great for organizations with a large number of employees and complex workflows. It combines chat, video conference and file sharing with a simple user interface that allows teams to collaborate seamlessly. It also has an easy-to-use management dashboard that makes it simple to monitor and manage usage.

Smarp is a mobile-first employee communications platform that helps companies build strong relationships with their employees. It offers a personalized content feed, tailored newsletters, intranet feeder, central advanced analytics, and an advocacy amplifier. Additionally, Smarp provides strategic services and technical support to help businesses grow their employee communications.

Another great feature of this employee communication software is that it supports multiple languages. This allows employees from different regions to communicate effectively, which is a crucial aspect for global companies. It also has task-specific action buttons within the chat interface that simplify work-related tasks such as project approvals and client record updates. This increases workplace efficiency.

SocialChorus FirstUp

The SocialChorus FirstUp app is a workforce communications solution that keeps employees informed and connected. Its free app offers a centralized location for company updates, eliminating the need to search through emails and intranets. In addition, it can send push notifications to remind employees about important events and deadlines.

SocialChorus and Dynamic Signal have joined forces to become Firstup, a leader in the digital employee experience space. The combined platform serves over 15 million employees across 40% of the Fortune 100 and provides next-level communication and engagement capabilities that enable companies to put their people first.

Nicole Alvino, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of SocialChorus, has been named CEO of the new company. She will lead the company on its mission to deliver a unified digital employee experience that helps every worker thrive. The company is also announcing a reimagined FirstUp Studio and Content Microapps that will transform the way communicators reach employees. These new products will make it easier for HR, IT, and operational leaders to orchestrate communications, and give every worker the information they need.


The centralized platform is designed to make it easy for non-technical people to create, post and find content. It can be used for both traditional and remote/distributed teams, allowing the entire team to work effectively from any location.

In addition to facilitating collaboration, the platform also supports employee engagement and cultural growth through a wide range of features. Users can comment on posts, create discussions and share content with external associates. They can also use the platform to share updates, announcements, and news.

Jostle has a social media-like interface and features like group chat, video calls and screen sharing. Its gamification features encourage employees to participate in discussions and share their thoughts and ideas. Moreover, the platform allows managers to surface and celebrate impactful comments, fostering stronger peer-to-peer connections. It is also a popular tool for frontline workers, as it provides access to key resources and facilitates efficiency and productivity. It also offers a range of other features such as unified search and archiving.


Whether you’re an enterprise leveraging remote workers or a small business connecting teams across locations, there’s an app to suit your needs. These top 9 employee communication apps streamline internal communication to increase productivity and foster collaboration.

Chanty combines team chat with a built-in project management feature that organizes tasks, shared files, and more. Users can create and assign tasks, set deadlines, and track status updates through a simple UI. They can also ping teammates and recur them for easy updates. Kanban boards let them see all work-related task activity at a glance, increasing visibility and productivity.

Chanty also lets administrators tweak roles, post rights, and more with the power of a click. Team managers can archive conversations, suspend departed members, and tweak permissions to ensure only relevant information is available to team members. They can also integrate Chanty with CRM platforms, cloud storage services, and email marketing tools for enhanced functionality. Users can even share content with clients without compromising privacy.

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