Types and Styles of USB Headsets

The right usb headset is an essential piece of kit for many business users. Whether they’re working from home, in a call centre or office, a good quality and comfortable USB headset makes all the difference. JPL has a wide range of headsets to suit every budget, from the affordable and feature-packed Jabra Evolve 20 to high-end usb headsets that deliver top-notch sound and comfort for those who spend long hours wearing them.

In the world of usb headsets, the most common types are wired models with a USB connector that plug directly into your computer or other device. They can be used with voice recognition software or for PC telephony applications, and they’re perfect for hands-free operation while you work. Most also have a microphone that can pick up your voice without picking up noise from the surrounding environment, making them ideal for speech-activated software and interactive gaming.

Most models offer a volume control and mute button built into the headphones themselves, so you can adjust the audio output with the press of a button. They generally offer excellent voice and audio quality, so you can expect to hear a clear signal that’s free from distortion.

Most headsets are designed for comfortable wear over long periods of time, so look for a model with soft ear cushions and a well-padded headband. Some are also lightweight, so you’ll be able to enjoy your work or play for longer. In terms of style, you can choose from headsets with earpieces attached to a bracket that sits on the top of your head, or headsets with a single earpiece that’s mounted on a neckband. The latter are slightly lighter, and they make it easier to perceive the ambient noise around you.

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