What Are Air Guns?

When most people think of air guns they probably picture Ralphie from A Christmas Story holding a BB gun or perhaps an old-school Crosman 2100 that you had to pump 10 times for power. In reality, though, an airgun is a type of gun that uses compressed air or carbon dioxide to launch a projectile. The earliest airguns used a reservoir of air that was acted upon by a spring and released by the trigger. Later, these were replaced by gas powered pumps that used a piston to compress pressurized air and shoot the projectile out of the barrel.

Most countries consider airguns to be the same as traditional firearms and therefore they are subject to similar regulations. This means that they must be purchased from licensed dealers, regulated and often have age restrictions for use. While many people consider airguns to be less serious weapons, they can still cause significant injury and they should always be used responsibly.

There are a wide variety of sporting and competition airguns, with different designs and power levels. The popularity of these types of guns has increased significantly in recent years. They are a great way for beginner shooters to learn proper shooting techniques and gain experience before transitioning to more powerful firearms. They also provide a safe and convenient option for those that want to enjoy the sport of shooting without having to deal with the additional costs associated with travel, range fees and ammunition purchases. airguns

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