What You Should Know About Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps are one of the kinkiest toys on the market. The nipple-pinching sensation can be intense and satisfying, and the clamps can be used to stimulate and pleasure other parts of the body as well. They’re an especially great option for beginners who want to explore nipple play and aren’t ready for nipple sucking or piercings, says sex educator and nipple-loving author Carmel Jones. “They can also be used to add climax-boosting sensations to other nipple-stimulating toy options like vibrators,” she explains. If you’re a fan of temperature play, try a pair of nipple clamps that can be warmed or cooled to add an extra thrill to the experience.

The best nipple clamps are ones that feel good without being too tight, advises sex therapist and kink expert Dr. Mark Poppel. “Some are even designed with a little bit of give so you can adjust the intensity to your liking,” he says. If you’re new to nipple clamps, start with a looser pair and gradually increase the pressure. And if you’re using nipple clamps for intimate play, make sure to have a safe word with your partner in case you get uncomfortable or too sensitive.

Some nipple clamps have covers on the tips that soften and broaden the surface area, which can help reduce the pinch. Others are shaped more like tweezers and come with a small ring that can be used to tighten the grip. Lovehoney nipple clamps, for example, look more like tweezer clamps than the traditional metal variety and are designed to be more comfortable for newbies since they have rubber tips that prevent the hard metal from touching your skin.

You can also find nipple clamps in a range of colors, from pink to rosé gold to black. Some have chains, which can be used to play with the nipples or clit as a form of predicament bondage (a type of bondage in which a submissive is restrained and placed in a position that’s either uncomfortable or pleasurable).

A pair of nipple clamps can be used alone or with a partner. They can also be paired with other toy types, such as a clit piercing or an oral sex toy for an even more intense sensation. For more advanced users, a set of nipple clamps can even be used for vaginal stimulation and clit ecstasy.

Nipple clamps can be a powerful tool in a kink or BDSM relationship, but it’s important to have a conversation with your partner about the level of intimacy you’re comfortable with and how to treat them, advises sex educator and author Vala Syn, who recommends talking through the process of wearing them. Start by explaining that nipple clamps are non-intimate and not to be used as punishment, but that you’re willing to explore them as an outlet for sexual pleasure. Then have your partner demonstrate the kinky uses of these toy tools. And remember, nipple clamps restrict blood flow, so it’s important to remove them the second they become painful or your nips turn blue.

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