Which Massage Gun is the Best?

With the right massage gun, you can easily pound out those knots at home to keep your muscles happy and healthy. But figuring out which one is the best can be difficult, especially since many have similar features. We’ve compiled a list of the top-rated options and broken them down by price, speed range, battery life, and attachments to help you find the perfect device.

The majority of massage guns operate cordless with lithium ion batteries that last anywhere from about two hours on the low end to eight hours on the high end. This shouldn’t be a major factor in your buying decision, but if you’re on the road or heading into backcountry, you may want to consider a model that has replaceable batteries.

Unless you’re looking for a super compact option, most percussion massage guns follow one of two formulas: shape-wise they’re either shaped like a power drill or have the triangular build made famous by Theragun (there are a few exceptions, though). Ekrin Athletics’s B37S Percussion Massager takes the cake here, thanks to its sturdy and less bulky design and six unique head attachments. It also has an impressive eight-hour battery life and includes the fastest percussion massager on our list at 3,200 percussions per minute.

While this model isn’t as powerful as the Theragun Pro, it offers the same features and a great battery life, plus the added benefit of being able to connect to its app for even more preset routines. The sound insulation on the B37S also helps keep it quiet, which is a good thing—other massage guns can be so raucous that it’s difficult to hold a conversation while using them. best massage gun

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